Utsav Sachdev

Head of Networking

I went on exchange to France, District 1710, from Mumbai, District 3140. This exchange had a very positive impact on my life. The Rotarians in my exchange district and the rebounds both contributed to this impact. This motivated me to do the same and work with my district in Mumbai. After one year of working in District 3140 with Rotex. I worked as the Events Director for the multi-district 3142-3141 (Mumbai-Thane). I was then appointed as the president of Rotex in the district 3142. In Taiwan, this August, I was elected for the international board and am now working as the Head of Networking!

As the head of networking, I look forward to connecting with Rotex clubs in different parts of the world! As well as helping newly founded clubs to register and get them started, and old clubs to register with Rotex International!