Shang-Hans Lee


It’s not about how you end your exchange, its more about what’s next!

Even the most vivid exchange will only represent chapter zero: The following journey as a Rotex was what ultimately showed me the actual potential that Rotex offered me, but also the potential it held as a positive influencing factor in the Rotary community and in society in general.

From helping Rotexers understand the world better to pushing them to become even more accepting of different cultures, Rotex plays an important role not just within the Rotary Youth Exchange program, but also with forming and developing leadership ability and the future leaders of tomorrow. Rotex serves as an indispensable part to the Rotary Youth Exchange Program as catalyst for Inbounds and Outbounds to understand their new cultures and as a medium to support students in whatever situation they encounter and to ease conflict when it arises.

I personally see the future of the Rotary world within Rotex. Thus, by supporting Rotex, you are actively supporting Rotary Youth Exchange Program in ways that Rotarians cannot on their own, but more importantly, you are creating and encouraging a generation of young, passionate Rotarians who truly know and understand the ability of Rotary to change lives. Maybe the solution of finding young, motivated, and experienced future Rotary members lies within Rotary itself.