Mauricio Pelini

L.ship & Development

Mauricio was an exchange student in Germany in 2008-2009. He has been involved in Rotex District 4730 (in the Curitiba area in Brazil). Together with his Rotex group, he has accomplished many import steps. In his time he has helped organize the 1st Rotex Brazil Conference after more than 20 years of interruption, which directly led to the development of Rotex Brazil. Since 2017 he has been on the Board of Rotex Brazil, which is a national committee. Meanwhile he has also participated in 4 months of Rotex 1840, in Germany. After 9 years of being involved in Rotex, taking part in 3 out of 4 Rotex International Conventions, he was elected to the Rotex International Board and has assumed the position of Head of Leadership and Development. Furthermore, Curitiba was elected to host the 5th Rotex International Convention in 2020 (Mark your calendars!!).

“The more we work as a Rotexer, the more we develop ourselves and see the importance of Rotex for the Youth Exchange Program and for Rotary itself. That’s why we aim to expand our work for all the districts, to help on development on those districts where Rotex already exists and to help on the creation where it still doesn’t exist”