Helen Salminen


My time with Rotex has given me a lot and taught me even more throughout the years; not only have I had the chance to meet and befriend amazing people, but I’ve also had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills in a safe and supporting environment!

I personally see Rotex as the strongest leadership program I’ve come across – it gives you the possibility to develop yourself in an international environment and deal with real-life situations and conflict management on a personal- and group-level, all while getting an opportunity to change lives.

As Rotexers, we make up a vital part of the RYE program; we know what the exchange students are going through because we’ve been in their shoes and can therefore help them in a way that most Rotarians can’t! I truly believe the leaders of tomorrow are found amongst Rotex, as all of the tools we get from our own exchange and through supporting others through their exchanges prove that there isn’t anything a Rotexer can’t handle – now it’s down to us to make sure everyone else sees it as well