October 2018

Helen & Shang-Hans will stay with us

Allow me to reintroduce you to our Co-Presidents! Helen and Shang-Hans! They are remaining as Co-Presidents for one more year! At the convention, Rotex International in August 2018, we decided to develop a staggered board. Two members will stay on for one more year to share their wisdom and knowledge with us! This [...]

Meet Marcy Desotelle

Hey guys! Meet Marcy Desotelle, Rotex International’s Secretary and Treasurer! Marcy was an exchange student in 2014-2015 to District 2440 in Czechia. Since then she has been an active member in District 6220 Rotex and is the current Co-President where she has been working to unite The Central States Rotary [...]

Meet Utsav Sachdev

Hey everyone! Meet Utsav, our new Head of Networking on the Rotex International Board!! I went on exchange to France, District 1710, from Mumbai, District 3140. This exchange had a very positive impact on my life. The Rotarians in my exchange district and the rebounds both contributed to this impact. [...]

Our new board members

Visit us each day this week to find out about the 2nd Rotex International Board! This year we elected 5 new members to the Rotex International Board! Just in case you weren’t able to attend the conference yourself, don’t fret! This week we will be posting every day to introduce [...]

Meet Maurício Bottas Pelini

Please meet, Mauricio Bottas Pelini- Head of Leadership and Development on the Rotex International Board; Member of Rotex Brazil; Vice President of Rotex 4730 Mauricio was an exchange student in Germany in 2008-2009. He has been involved in Rotex District 4730 (in the Curitiba area in Brazil). Together with his [...]

April 2018

Meet Sophie Richter

Sophie Richter Germany (D1800) – Thailand (D3350) Head of Leadership and Development My goal is to enhance the relationship between Rotex and Rotary by developing new approaches with Rotarians and Rotexers and strengthening the cooperation between the two groups. We are stronger together! I hope for common ground where more Rotex initiatives [...]

Meet Gabriel Araújo

Gabriel Araujo Brazil (D4480) – Germany (D1850) Head of Rotex Networking I believe that once people get to know each other and connect over the same goal, they create a bond that is one of the most powerful ones in the world. Rotex gives former Rotary Exchange Students the opportunity to keep in [...]

Meet Emma Persad

Emma Persad Canada (D5060) – France (D1680) Secretary and Treasurer You always hear about how exchange students are an extended family, but you don’t truly realize how important the bond you share is until you find yourself halfway around the world starting a new life, or moreover, when you’re back in your [...]

March 2018

Meet Shang-Hans Lee

Shang-Hans Lee Taiwan (D3490) – Germany (D1890) Co-President It’s not about how you end your exchange, its more about what’s next! Even the most vivid exchange will only represent chapter zero: The following journey as a Rotex was what ultimately showed me the actual potential that Rotex offered me, but also the potential [...]

Meet Helen Salminen

Helen Salminen Finland (D1410) – Mexico (D4190) Co-President My time with Rotex has given me a lot and taught me even more throughout the years; not only have I had the chance to meet and befriend amazing people, but I’ve also had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills in a safe [...]